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Prototype vs. Application

Can we get further clarification on what the final deliverables are expected for this challenge? The proposal mentions that the application can be a prototype- does that mean that the submission only needs to demonstrate the interface and how this application would work? I ask because a full-fledged working application often requires back-end database support (which cost money), and coding a project as a prototype is wildly different than coding for production.
In short, my question is: Are judges expecting submissions to be "out-of-the-box" applications that can be immediately used?
Thank you and good luck to everyone!


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    Excellent question, Jake M.  I hope you receive a response to your question.
    I would hope that a prototype does mean what you ask/discuss, meaning to demonstrate the interface.
    Maybe if the winning app were a prototype, then the person (or group?) that submitted the prototype could be a part of making it a "full-fledge" app, meaning have some support (financial as well as technical) from, say, challenge.gov or the government itself, seeing as I first saw this challenge via the white house.gov app on the android market.
    I love seeing all of the comments on the discussion I started (re: environment), and I am glad to see someone (Jake M.) has considered taking action in creating a winning app!
    Great job, Jake M.

  • Manager   •   over 11 years ago

    Thank you for your question.  Prototypes are the expectation; if an app is ready to rumble into production or is available, then all the better. But, the winning app does not necessarily need to be ready for use immediately. Innovation (out of the box thinking), functionality (proof of concept), and the potential for scalability will be weighted more heavily than immediacy of use. An app/tool that is ready for immediate use, but is not innovative or has less potential for making an impact broadly would not be viewed as favorably as an app/tool that is a really cool and innovative concept/prototype that has great potential for widespread use and impact.  Of course, a tool that is highly innovative with great potential for going viral, and is immediate available would be most welcome.  But, that is not the expectation for this challenge.

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    Great, thank you for answering my question, I look forward to working further on this project!

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    what do you mean by a protoype? do you mean a fully functioning working program or would screen shots suffice? would flow charts describing how the screen shots work be okay?

  • Manager   •   about 11 years ago

    The prototype should be a beta version of a working program at a minimum. Certainly screen shots and flow charts can be helpful in describing the program.

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    I had a question along similar lines.

    How do we demo the prototype? - video, screen-shots, slides?

    Also, would it be acceptable if the prototype were implemented on an emulator of a smart phone rather than on a physical smart phone? Running the prototype on the actual device will cost money. Hence my question.

    Thank you

  • Manager   •   about 11 years ago

    The use of an emulator of a smart phone would be acceptable. Videos, screen-shots, slides and/or flow charts can be used to describe/demo the prototype. Showing how the app meets the various criteria specified is most important. HHS looks forward to seeing what you develop and submit!

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