•   over 11 years ago

People outside of US

Is this challenge open to non- US residents?


  • Manager   •   over 11 years ago

    Non-US residents can participate only if part of a team where the lead of the team is a US resident.  See "rules" section

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    is it possible for a non-us team to submit their app to be viewed by the judges for feedback without being eligible for contest winner?

  • Manager   •   about 11 years ago

    The judges will only review submissions that qualify for the challenge. Happy to talk offline about connecting with other experts who may be willing to provide informal feedback.

  •   •   about 11 years ago

    actually that would be great. our group has quite a few ideas and have started the process of implementing some of them but someone to check our ideas with would be awesome. is there anyone we can contact that would be able to help us with this?

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