•   about 12 years ago

Operating Systems and Mobile Devices

1) An application that addresses a social problem must be working very popular by most phones that are on the market. 2) An application that can really work it needs hardware and software devices with medium or high. All devices can send sms but not all devices can use gps, email, internet ..... and other features. To give practical help we need these features. 3) The manufacturers of mobile devices often place some limits to program even the same affiliate program. 4) To be developers for mobile devices, there are some costs, if only to test applications. To determine whether an application can run but you really do not just design it completely test it, otherwise I can say now go to Mars at the speed of light only through my mind. These considerations show that this is only for a good initiative and who launched the challenge is worthy of consideration, but anyone who wants the challenge will be faced with problems that are not related to programming, or at least the program is not a major problem. Only a team of expert programmers in various platforms and operating systems can achieve the goal. I am Italian and I can not participate in the challenge, I know the iPhone programming and I've already developed and published an application with the characteristics required by the challenge, if any American team leader wants to contact me and have my cooperation I am willing to offer what I know.


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