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The meaning of "free use" in the rules

Would you expand on the full meaning of the statement in the rules that the application that wins must be "available for free use and download by the public for a period of one year..."? Some of the most desirable functionality in applications like the ones you are seeking may create variable costs, i.e. ongoing costs to operate the app that grow with the number of users. While I am certain that the intention of everyone who enters this challenge is to help as many people as they can, it is possible to imagine a scenario in which a popular and free application is used by so many users over the course of one year that the creator of the app could be put in financial jeopardy by the amount of variable costs that are incurred. And those costs would be in addition to ongoing monitoring costs, because every application that is relied on by users to provide safety and connection to others would have to be consistently monitored to enusre that all features are working as described.


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    For applications to be eligible for consideration, there must be a base level of functionality that meets the criteria specified and that basic app must be free. However, different financial models can apply. For example, while "free" apps would be great, a "free-mium" model in which additional functionality, above the basic functionality, is made available at a cost would be okay. And other financial models exists (e.g., service premiums). It is not the intention of HHS to get in the way of the business models of developers. The "free" basic apps will be highlighted and recognized by challenge organizers in efforts to reach as many young adults as possible with easy access to promising apps.

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    This is a shame. I have an app that I created which is exactly what you are talking about. In my opinion, in an emergency or serious situation you have to pullout all the stops and that costs. It would be a shame for a student to not get every chance at help because they chose the free version of an app instead of the version that cost. My app will help people in a variety of ways in a variety of situations and we purposely chose not to have a free option because you may only need help once and it could be a life and death situation and you deserve to have all the help you can get at your disposal. We are going to keep our app at 99 cents as long as we can but as thorough as the app is it just can't be done for free.

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    Cities like San Diego are looking to adopt apps for its citizens to have quicker and easier access to city services. We realize however there is a possibility of abuses of people claiming to have a water pipes where there are none broken or pot holes on streets that don't exist. We are all moving ahead whether we like or not, change is eminent. Technology must be embraced and utilized. It is not a fad nor an end all be all solution, it is simply part of a solution that lies in wait ahead for us to evolve into being. As a San Diego real estate broker, I work with people in neighborhoods every day, I see city problems not being addressed and frustrated citizens with their cities old school ways. I encourage all government on all levels to embrace wave that is upon and use it for the good of the people.

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